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AUSTRALIA: Three Decades of Uninterrupted Growth 1991-2019

Key statistics from ATO Longitudinal Information Files

[Data and Methodologies] [Point-in-time Statistics] [Lifetime Statistics]

Growth: Uneven growth across group over time

Growth incidence: Higher growth at the bottom and top, while growth stagnation at the middle.
Bottom 20%: Little growth in post-government income over 30 years. Moderate growth in market income was taken away by faster growth in tax payment due to bracket creep.

Inequality: Rising trend in income inequality

Gini: Rising trends in income inequality
P90/P50: Rising income gap between the top and the middle.

Redistribution: More progressive tax and smaller transfer

Tax: The personal income tax system has become more redistributive.
This owes to rising tax progressivity
… and a rise in the average size of tax.

Transfer: The redistributive index has declined slightly.
Means-tested transfer system is very progressive
… but the average size of transfers has declined slightly over the period.